Considerations about development, solidarity, participation and subsidiarity

Author: Pablo Martínez de Anguita

There is an extended perception stating that development promotion is mainly a matter of resources.  This leads to think that the development goals could be reached simply by a major capital injection. It is true that other aspects are taken into account such as creation of productive capacities and employment, the design of policies, the equitable and sustainable management of natural resources or the building of democratic governance, but the resources issue usually monopolizes all the attention.

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Let me please enter here into more personal considerations and consequently a more philosophical aspect, without forgetting the central question: How does development emerge?

I have used on purpose the word “emerge”. This is the first question we need to ask ourselves: does development, understood as a growth of possibilities, capacities and human dignity “emerge”? I think it does, development emerges or is the consequence of a “conscious subject”, a self who is not only a “terminal” to transfer resources to, but who also has capacities to react in an appropriate way to the emerging opportunities.

Development emerges when a person is able to rediscover the wish to enhance his own condition.

Development emerges when, in addition to the provision of resources, a person is able to rediscover the wish to build, to enhance his own condition and to educate those potentialities and capacities making each of us an actor within the development process. Hence, if what we are looking for is to articulate high ideals of development cooperation (liberty, equity, solidarity, tolerance, respect of nature and shared responsibilities) we mostly have to understand that only relationship between people, moved by ideals respecting all the human dimensions, launching the challenge to responsibility (with the consequent risk of compromise), can support the growth of subjects protagonists and responsible of their own development[i].

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[i] Vitaddini, G. 2011. Prologue of the book: “Into the root of development: the importance of human factor” by G. Berloffa, G.Folloni. I.Schnyder v.W. – Encuentro Editions, Madrid 2011.

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